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Formatting recurring date field


The recurring date field uses default date format from wp-admin > settings > general.


Formatting date field (single date)

Let's say you have created a date custom field in the "Fields" tab of the listing type, and want to display it in the listing page with the correct format.


There are multiple ways to do this depending where you are displaying the date.


Displaying the date as a cover detail


Edit listing type > single page > cover details. To the right click the "Event date" preset to add it.


Once it's added, click on it and make sure the correct date field is selected under "Field" dropdown


Also, under "Format" dropdown choose Date


That should be it, the date should appear in the listing page cover details area in the correct format.


Important: This method uses the default wordpress date format that you have chosen in wp-admin > settings > general


Displaying the date in the preview card and formatting it with a shortcode

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Displaying the date in a table block

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