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Listing types allow you to separate different types of content that you will be listing on your site e.g Places, Events, Real Estate, Cars etc.

Let's have an example

You plan to list properties for rent and events in your site. Properties for rent may require a field named "Number of rooms", while events may require a field "Start date". In this case, you have two different types of content which have fields that make sense for one kind, but not for the other.

This is a great example when you should create two different listing types, Events and Properties for rent, so you can organize your content and create a better experience for yourself and your users

When creating a listing type, some of the main features you will be able to use are:

  • Each listing type can have its own fields with ability to create custom fields
  • Specific search filters, ordering filters and search forms
  • Specific preview card and listing page
  • Specific fields that will display in the add or edit listing forms
  • Specific pricing packages
  • Have fields hidden/shown based on the package the user chooses
  • Specific structured data markup
  • Reviews with its own criteria or regular comments
  • Specific categories, tags, regions or custom taxonomies

What is the difference between a listing type and a category

While we explained above what listing types can do, categories on the other hand are just a field, a simple filter which can be used to filter listings of a specific listing type. They don't have any other purpose or feature other then filtering your content.

Where can I see listing types in your demo?

If you visit our main demo homepage, or the explore page, you can see that we are using five different listing types.


  • Places
  • Events
  • Jobs
  • Real estate
  • Cars


Each of these listing types have their own filters, fields, preview card, single page.