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This update includes a list of important improvements, primarily to paid listings and subscriptions. Every change is fully backwards compatible and you won't have to modify any settings upon installing the update.


Subscription docs:


Updated Paid Listings docs:


Updated Claim Listings docs:


Verified Listings:


Full changelog:

- Added support for nearby listings order in single category page.
- Added decimal precision support for Range filters in Explore page.
- Added an admin email notification when a listing gets reported, and a pending reports for review indicator in WP Admin > Listings > Reports.
- Fixed issues with Switch Package for listings from WP backend.
- Added "Learn More" links for Listing Package, Priority, and Verification Status in Edit Listing page in WP Admin.
- Added "Mark Verified" setting to listing products and paid listing packages.
- Added "Feature listing" setting to paid listing packages.
- Added "Is Claimable" setting to paid listing packages, to make it possible to keep listings claimable even after applying a package.
- Added "Mark claimed listings as verified" setting and a "Learn More" link for Claim Listings in WP Admin > Listings > Settings.
- Improved Author metabox in edit listing page in WP Admin.
- FIX: Map cluster popups on mobile devices not opening properly.
- FIX: Relist not setting the listing status to 'publish' in some cases.
- FIX: Listing subscription free trial not working properly.
- FIX: Subscriptions linked to the package not resetting the package counts on renewal.
- FIX: Users deleting a pending listing from the user dashboard results in the listing's package gaining back a slot.