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The "Listing feed" Elementor widget allows you to display a number of listings in your homepage, or any other page which can be edited using Elementor.

Templates available

  • Grid
  • Carousel

Filter listings by

  • Listing type
  • Any Taxonomy (Categories, tags, regions, custom taxonomies)
  • Using a custom explore page query (e.g filter them by a custom field)

Order them by

  • Date
  • Included order
  • Rating
  • Random (cached and updated every few hours)
  • Using a custom explore page query (e.g order them by a custom listing order)
  • Ascending/Descending order for all options


  • Default
  • Show promoted only
  • Hide promoted
  • Cache results
    Use this to cache listing feed results for better performance. Set it to zero to disable this behavior.