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The search form tab allows you to control the way listings are searched. You can choose what search filters to use, and reorder them with drag & drop.

In the "Search forms" tab you have four sub-tabs

  • Advanced form - Use this to add/edit the search filters that show on "27 > explore listings" widget
  • Basic form - Use this to add/edit the search filters that appear in basic form (usually added on homepage using shortcodes)
  • Listing order - Add/edit options which are used to order listings in explore page.
  • Explore tabs - Add/edit tabs that show on explore page on top of search filters.


There are two search forms available in MyListing


  • Basic form - Available using the "27 > Basic form" widget, it can be used to display the search form in your homepage
  • Advanced form - Appears in the explore page as part of the 27 > explore widget.

To add/redit filters go to listing types > edit listing type > search forms > advanced/basic form

The available filters are:

  • General Search box - Keyword search field, it will search for listing title, tagline, description, categories, tags, regions, custom taxonomies, address
  • Text search - Keyword search for a specific custom field
  • Range - Can be used to filter using a range slider e.g Price
  • Listing location - Used to search listings by location, powered by Google or Mapbox location auto-suggest
  • Proximity - When searching by location, you can use proximity slider to adjust the search radius
  • Dropdown - Used to filter by field options in a dropdown e.g categories
  • Date - Used to search by specific date field
  • Recurring Date - Used to search for upcoming and ongoing events within the selected time frame. You should link it with the recurring date field. Click here for more.
  • Checkboxes - Used to filter by field options using checkboxes or radio buttons (if multi-select is disabled)
  • Related listings -  You can use it with the related listings field.
  • UI Heading - Can be used to separate search filters in different groups for better experience and visual appeal.
  • Open now - Used to show listings that are currently opened for business based on the "Work hours" field.
  • Order by - Used to change the order listings are displayed. You can change the order options under Search forms > Listing order