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How can a listing become verified?

Currently, there are 3 different ways in which a listing can gain verified status:

  1. Through paid listing packages
    1. When creating a listing plan in WooCommerce > Products, after you've set the product type to either Listing Package or Listing Subscription, you can enable the Mark as verified? setting.

    With this setting enabled, once the user submits a listing with this package and the payment is confirmed, the submitted listing will get marked as verified.

  2. Through claims
    1. When a claim entry is submitted and approved, the listing will get marked as verified if the setting Mark claimed listings as verified in Listing > Settingsis enabled.
  3. Manual verification
    1. You can manually mark a listing as verified by editing the listing in WP Admin > Listings, and going to the Verification Status metabox.

What are the advantages of verified listings?

Listings marked as verified will have a verification badge shown next to the listing title in Single Listing Page, in Explore page results, etc. This can help them stand out among other search results.

However, there isn't any special priority given to these listings in search results. To achieve that, you can use the listing priority settings.