We recommend you setup automatic updates as it's an easier way to update the theme. However, you can do this manually too.

Where do I get the latest update?

Each time there is an update, you can download the installable wordpress file from themeforest.

Alright, now how do I update?

  • Login to your wordpress dashboard
  • Go to appearance > themes > deactivate “MyListing” by activating another random theme e.g Twenty sixteen
  • Once deactivated, you can now delete MyListing by clicking on the banner and use the “Delete” option
  • Click “Add new”, upload which you find inside the downloaded package from Themeforest.
  • Activate the theme
  • If you get a notification to update plugins, update them too

Hold on, deleting the theme? Will I lose any data?

No, deleting the theme won't delete your content. It will still be there once you install the updated version. However, it's recommended that you save backups of your site as often as possible. That way if anything goes wrong, you can quickly restore your site.